Gnome Hazelnut Factory is not accepting orders at this time.

We will be back soon. We would like to thank our many loyal customers over the years. We're looking for some younger gnomes to help us tend our trees.

Gnome Country

Gnomes are, by nature, shy creatures. We don't see them often. On a quiet stroll thru the orchards, we might surprise one hiding behind a tree. When the orchards are laden with beautiful sun-drenched nuts ready for harvest, they will come out - guardians of the world's most mystical nut.

Nestled in Oregon's fertile Willamette Valley, happy Gnomes are gathering the world's choicest hazelnuts from orchards blessed with ideal growing conditions. The diligent Gnomes are hard at work bringing to you the very best of the "crunchy" brown nut.

Known for their good deeds and industry, the tiny Gnomes stand only 6" (15cm) tall without cap. Like the hazelnut, their history goes back to ancient times, faraway places, and eventually to the United States, including the Willamette Valley.

How the Gnome Hazelnut Factory Started
"I would like to own a farm someday," Papa Gnome mused aloud. "I know just the farm, responded his friend Mr. Farmer"--that really was his name. So on a misty day in January they strolled the acres of a half century old farm, considering hundreds and hundreds of hazelnut trees. How would a boy from the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, who knew mainly sheep and apple trees, fare in the Willamette Valley of Oregon with hazelnut trees?

30 years later with the diligence known to gnomes, the orchard flourishes. With careful nurturing of winter's flowering buds into fall's mature nuts, the gnomes are producing a treasure of health and enjoyment. By creating the Gnome Hazelnut Factory's wondrous selection of nuts, this opportunity is offered to you.

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