Gnome Hazelnut Factory is not accepting orders at this time.

We will be back soon. We would like to thank our many loyal customers over the years. We're looking for some younger gnomes to help us tend our trees.

Mmmm...the Crunchy Brown Nut

Oregon hazelnuts are world-renowned for taste, texture and consistent quality. Now you can enjoy the very best Oregon-grown hazelnuts from the mystical Gnome orchards of the Willamette Valley. Gnomes know that hazelnuts are the ultimate gourmet nut. So they've created a cornucopia of hazelnut treats including natural, dry roasted, seasoned and candy-coated nuts that you can enjoy and share anytime. We hope you enjoy your visit to Gnome country. And that, when your travels make you hungry, you'll order our mystically delicious hazelnuts from our online store. Don't forget, Gnome Hazelnuts are a great gift nut anytime of the year!

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